Canadian distribution for Terratur Possessions

Photo from tourdegardehq

Tour de Garde is proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor for Terratur Possessions spells. Customers from the U.S. are welcome to order as our price on these are very affordable for those south of the border.

The following titles are in stock now:

SLIDHR "Spit Of The Apostate" Digipack MCD
CORNIGR "Funereal Harvest" Digipack MCD
DARVAZA "Downward Decent" Digipack MCD
MISÞYRMING "Söngvar elds og óreiðu" Digipack CD
DARK SONORITY "Kaosrekviem" Digipack MCD
ASKEREGN "Monumenter" Digipack CD (last copies)
UNBEING "Transcendance" Pro- Mc (last copies)
CELESTIAL BLOODSHED/URFAUST ‎""Mitt Rike/Der König In Thule"" 7"EP (last copies)

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