Ghosts of Oceania third demo is out now.

The third demo of Ghosts of Oceania's midnight music is entitled "Wanda Beach" and it inspired by the unsolved Wanda Beach Murders in the summer of 1965 and the 2 girls ghosts who still haunt the sand hills there. There is something timelessly eerie, haunting, sinister and sad about this particular case. The 1960's was a much more innocent time in Australia. A time when people would leave their doors unlocked, let their children go to the beach alone etc.  This all ended on the 11th of January 1965.  When Christine Sharrock and Marianne Schmidt (both aged 15), took the 4 younger Schmidt siblings for a day out at the beach. It was a windswept day and the beach was closed and deserted, they took shelter in some rocks then later walked and sat amongst the sand hills of Wanda beach. The children complained about the conditions so Marianne and Christine said they would go and retrieve their bags from the rocks and return to get the children. However when they left they headed in the wrong directions, further into the sand dunes. When one of the younger children told them they were going the wrong way, the girls simply giggled and kept going. The children ended up returning home themselves after waiting for hours for the girls to return... The last official sighting of Marianne and Christine was by a local fireman, who was walking in the area with his son and saw the girls walking about 800 yards north of the Wanda surf club.  He told police that they seemed to be hurrying, and one of the girls was looking behind her as if she were being followed... He did not see anybody else.  The next day a local walking with his nephews came across what he thought was a mannequin face down, he later realized it was a body, calling the police it was later realized it was not just one but two bodies. When the bodies were uncovered, Marianne Schmidt was found lying on her right side with her left leg bent. Christine Sharrock was face down, her head against the sole of Schmidt's left foot. From a 34 metre long drag mark leading to the scene, police determined that Sharrock had fled, possibly while Schmidt was dying, only to have been caught, murdered and dragged back to the body of her friend. Sharrock's skull had been fractured by a blow to the back of the head and she had been stabbed multiple times. Schmidt's throat had been slashed so severely it almost decapitated her and she too had been stabbed several times. Attempts had been made to rape both girls, semen was found on both girls but their hymens were still intact. This became one of the biggest murder investigations at the time. 50 years have now passed and still no killer has been found... and the girls ghosts still haunt the sand hills at Wanda beach... This demo is a mix of neoclassical, ambient and synth based eerie and sorrowful soundscapes. You can listen to a sample here:

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