Tour de Garde new releases: Tenebrae LP, Funeral Pro-MC, Hergottsblick MC and more.

TENEBRAE "Serenades of the Damned" 12"LP

A piece of Quebec black metal history is finally seeing the light again for the first time since its original release back in the mid-nineties. Tenebrae's "Serenades of the Damned" demo is the first Quebec black metal recording ever, to be released and distributed as a proper demo cassette. This emblematic demo of a forgotten era of Quebec black metal features Myrkhaal on vocals, a prominent persona in the development of the Quebec black metal scene, who later formed Frozen Shadows and created Sepulchral Productions.

Originally recorded by the legendary Alexis Gagnon, who was one of the most important tape traders of the Quebec scene back in those days.  This new vinyl edition has been ripped from an original demo and remastered by Phil Kusabs of VK Sound. The layout was created following the spirit of the original demo cassette by Moribond of Forteresse, and comes with an 11" x 17" poster featuring an unpublished picture of Myrkhaal from 1995.

Sound-wise, "Serenades of the Damned" still stands out to this day, with its unique compositions and its distinct synthesizer sound. A very well-crafted and archaic recording that is so unique, that it’s hard to compare it to anything. Now is your chance to own a noble version of this forgotten masterpiece of the Quebec black metal underground.


FUNERAL "Black Flame of Unholy Hate" Pro-MC

One of the unholy grail of the French true black metal underground. Supreme hateful elite material not for the weak! This new professional cassette edition is featuring the complete original recording of the demo as well as 5 bonus tracks including a cover of "Deathcrush" (Mayhem).

Special version include an exclusive patch, a sticker and a button!



A transcending recording of abstract, ambient, yet epic mysterious synth from the mastermind behind Brånd. In five acts, Herrgottsblick manage to cross a variety of soundscapes where percussions intersect with distant chants.  A very unique and mandatory debut demo that will make your soul ascend to a mountain's height.



HYLSTER "Live Ritual" MC

An enchanting, ritualistic live recording on the verge of black metal and dungeon synth. Tormented vocals and pounding rhythms give the pulse to this death-like and possessed debut live performance of this young Danish one-man outfit.



A 3-way split cassette of true ancestral black metal hate following the doctrine of the black wings of the north! Here we have three spirited, vigorous and violent black metal hordes from the United Kingdom who’ve gathered to take a stand against the current state of the scene. "Black Wings of the North II" is once again a straight fist in the face to trends and modernity. Sigils of Blood offers raw, monotonous and grim black metal hymns in their purest form. Khlamyydia, who also took part in the previous "Black Wings of the North", presents furious and harsh sounding black metal with possessed vocals. Fast, crushing and pitiless - recalling old classics such as Niden Div. 187. Last but not the least, Virginal Desecration contribute two tracks of poisonous black metal from the darkest corner of UK's underground.


Coming sooner or later under the Tour de Garde banner:

BLOOD VICTORY "Shadows of War" 12"LP
BRÅND​ "Urkraft" 12"LP​
DROWNING THE LIGHT "The Patron Saint of Filth and Mold" MC 
FORGOTTEN KINGDOMS "A Kingdom in Ruin" 12"LP
STORMKEEP "Galdrum" 12"LP / CD / Pro-MC

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