IFERNACH Digipak CD bundle

IFERNACH Digipak CD bundle

Tour de Garde


IFERNACH "Skin Stone Blood Bone" Digipak CD

In the forest, the old times never left. Coming from the darkness and wilderness of the Gespegewagi woodlands, magic will reveal within the music of Ifernach. “Skin Stone Blood Bone” consist of 11 tracks of raw, crude, bloody and cutting native American black metal like you never heard before, transporting you in the 666 levels of the mi'kmaq shamanic world of hunting, wild trekking and night dwelling. The Dark Diviner awaits you, at the end of the trail, filled with blood from the wounds of the giant horned serpent. Using very unconventional instruments, and literally beating metal scraps with a moose bone, the music of “Skin Stone Blood Bone” is furious and mysterious dark story-telling metal that will convince the old and harass the new. A dark journey starting at dusk, when the very last bit of daylight struggles, when clouds are shape changing, when the forest is closing, it is exactly when the shaman game begins. With a land starving for its ancient voice to rise again, the Appalachian Wolf is screaming the heritage of his broken family, its gloomy hymns from the betrayed land and mostly, preparing his body and soul to transcend in shamanic ecstasy, reachable through his music, hazy and blurred lyrics, combined with blood-beating drum savagery. 

IFERNACH "The Green Enchanted Forest of the Druid Wizard" Digipak CD

From the forest of Gespegewagi with hate... A journey in the solitary confinement of the northeastern Canada awaits your mind. Ifernach "The Green Enchanted Forest of the Druid Wizard" is an atmospheric, mysterious and furious black metal requiem to the glory of lone wood where no men's dare entering. Bombastic percussions, epic tremolo riffs and raging screams are alternating with gloomy, otherworldly ambient segments. "The Green Enchanted Forest of the Druid Wizard" is showing a new dimension Ifernach's supernatural spirit.