SANCTUAIRE / SALE FREUX "Traverser les tempêtes / Freux-fuyant" 10"MLP

Tour de Garde, France D'Oïl Productions


A gathering of French black metal from Québec and France, a split in the vein of those released when the true black metal underground was at its peak. Sanctuaire side feature one long track of ethereal atmospheric heathen black metal. Sanctuaire is the creation of on of the most important figure of the Métal Noir Québecois: Monarque Helserkr. "Traverser les tempêtes" is a genuinely crafter Métal Noir Québecois anthem featuring hypnotizing synth and epic guitar riffing. Sale Freux on their side present two songs of furious and mysterious rural French black metal. Sale Freux keep things as they should be crafting traditional black metal sounding tracks that can recall at times early underground Norwegian acts such as Isvind or Strid. This is a coproduction between Tour de Garde and France D'Oïl Productions may recall 10"MLP releases of the early 2000s produced by label such as Sombre Records or End All Life Productions. Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.