Ifernach EP, Mare MC, Kaosritual MC and more.

IFERNACH "Satanae Exoro" 7"EP

The diabolical spirit of Ifernach once again emerges from the gutter, this time he is downright possessed by the illuminating ardor of the devil. Ifernach is influenced by the greatest classics of traditional black metal to create irreverent and evil anthems to the glory of the master of darkness. This new EP, "Satanae Exoro", presents four furious and wild tracks that will make you lose your mind or what's left of it...

An exclusive version with "Midnight Maleficia" MC strictly limited to 66 copies is also available from Tour de Garde. The bonus cassette includes four songs of maniacal and energetic black metal tainted of punk depravity!


Order 7"EP: https://t-d-g.net/products/ifernach-satanae-exoro-7ep
Order 7"EP + "Midnight Maleficia" bonus MC: https://t-d-g.net/products/ifernach-satanae-exoro-7ep-midnight-maleficia-mc

DÉLIQUESCENCE "Antonomisme" Digipak CD

Déliquescence is an ephemeral ambient occult black metal horde from Quebec including Athros (Forteresse, Nordmen, Sacrenoir, etc.) and Monarque (Sanctuaire, Sacrenoir, Cimerion, etc.). Déliquescence's recordings are evil, mysterious and sinister. They provide the perfect ambiance to meditate and escape reality using the most hateful corridors of the subconscious. Active from 2011 to 2014, Déliquescence released a demo cassette on Les Productions Hérétiques as well as a split 7"EP with Neige et Noirceur. "Antinomisne" is presented for the first time on CD with the song from the split 7"EP as a bonus tracks as well as a previously unreleased track, “Lazarus”.


Order: https://t-d-g.net/products/deliquescence-antinomisme-digipak-cd

CAGE OF CREATION "Cage of Creation" Digipak Double CD

Thirteen acts of vibrant enigmatic psychedelia and sinister experimental black metal are finally brought together on a single production. Over an hour and twenty minutes of stirring music ranging from dark and disturbing passages to inexplicable melodious moments. There is no doubt that the Russians of Cage of Creation are past masters in exploring the still virgin paths of black metal which lead towards clearings where anything is possible... These thirteen acts were initially produced on three cassettes released between 2015 and 2017 via the Polish Label Devoted Art Propaganda.


Order: https://t-d-g.net/products/cage-of-creation-cage-of-creation-digipak-double-cd


“Florilège” brings together the two demos from the Triste season released in 2019 and 2022. 10 pieces of analog synths brought together for the first time on a single cassette that will transport you to the military cemeteries where the most valiant soldiers are buried. The melodies of Triste saison's songs echo the courage of fallen troopers and pay tribute to their spirit of bravery now gone from the world of the living. These soundtracks are romantic hymns that evoke the courage of a deceased person who has reached the afterlife.


Order: https://t-d-g.net/products/triste-saison-florilege-mc


Unholy and possessed offering of raw black metal by Moscow's Bokkenrijders. "The Fatal Hour" offers 9 songs of vile and crude underground black metal in the vein of Raven Dark, Ohtar and Fimbulwinter. The rotten and cursed king is arising...


Order: https://t-d-g.net/products/bokkenrijders-the-fatal-hour-mc

MARE "Ebony Tower" Pro-MC

Nidrosian black metal cult debut album on cassette for the first time.

Order: https://t-d-g.net/products/mare-ebony-tower-pro-mc

MARE "Spheres Like Death / Throne of the Thirteenth Witch" Pro-MC

Nidrosian black metal cult gathering the two mandatory EP on a single release.

Order: https://t-d-g.net/products/mare-spheres-like-death-throne-of-the-thirteenth-witch-pro-mc

KAOSRITUAL"Svøpt Morgenrød" Pro-MC

Nidrosian black metal cult album, mandatory!

Order: https://t-d-g.net/products/kaosritual-svopt-morgenrod-pro-mc

AKITSA "Cultes vertueux" T-Shirt

Gildan Heavy Cotton black T-shirt professional screen printed with white discharge ink on front. 100% cotton. Size small, medium, large, x-large and 2x-large are available.

Order: https://t-d-g.net/collections/merchandise/products/akitsa-cultes-vertueux-t-shirt

AKITSA "Devenir le diable" Digital and preorder

Very few bands have survived such a duration and Akitsa whom previously rested alongside other predecessors from North America has now decidedly outlived the majority. Equal parts hateful and sombre, their dedication to minimalism is stern and theirs alone. The elements are traditional and youthful - love them or hate them but in the end their black metal is singular and theirs alone… 6 concise refined tracks where the evil spirit of displaced youth returns to haunt and rattle inside the skeletons of the modern world.

Available on LP/CD/MC via Hospital Productions. New merch items are also available. To be in stock at Tour de Garde in about 8-10 weeks.

Digital: https://akitsa.bandcamp.com/album/devenir-le-diable
Preorder: https://hospitalproductions.net/search?q=devenir+le+diable

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