MENACE RUINE "Cult of Ruins" + "The Die is Cast" Gatefold 12"LP bundle

MENACE RUINE "Cult of Ruins" + "The Die is Cast" Gatefold 12"LP bundle

Transcendental Creations


Formed in 2006 by S. De La Moth and Genevieve, Menace Ruine have defined their unique, hypnotizing, and enchanting sound through a searing yet seamless mix of martial ambient, industrial, neofolk, and black metal. Where the waves of harsh yet elegant sound and noise lays the ground-work to complement the mesmerizing and haunting vocals of Geneviève, for those who haven’t heard and / or are not familiar with the oeuvre of Menace Ruine, one can say that their sound almost comes across a kinship mix and marriage of such luminaries as The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, Nico, Merzbow, and the more despondent aspects of Burzum.

On their debut album, "Cult of Ruins", the listener is subjected to a blend of super-intense sound layered with horrific howls and relentless blast beats, only to then be confronted with a melodic, haunting, ambient approach that retains immense power. 


MENACE RUINE "The Die is Cast" Gatefold 12"LP

"The Die is Cast" sees the duo eschewing the howling vocals and blast beats and replacing them with majestic songs based around the vocal style of Geneviève and the anthemic medieval music that bares much more resemblance to Neo-Folk than Black Metal. The band’s sound is far more approachable this time around, yet remains challenging at the same time. Somber tunes propelled by slow-paced martial percussion, ambient electronics and droning feedback are carried by an incredibly powerful vocal performance by Geneviève.

Menace Ruine set out to make a concept record based around medieval music, without sacrificing their intensity and they have managed to do so gloriously. With the current wave in the popularity of black metal, it seems like some of the more fringe genre’s such as neo-olk are also gaining more notoriety. Menace Ruine have taken that one step further by doing an entire recording in the martial vein. Folks familiar with Menace Ruine will be surprised when they hear "The Die is Cast", but will still be able to connect to the band as the power that captured so many folks with their debut long player is still present.

Comes with a DVD featuring a video for 'Utterly Destitute', contained within a plain black envelope.