THANGORODRIM "Prologue" Digipak Double CD

THANGORODRIM "Prologue" Digipak Double CD

Out of Season


Take a trip back to the beginning... At long last, we collect and reissue rare and out of print Thangorodrim works from 2016-2018. Includes the "Towers of the Teeth," cassette, "Akallabeth," cassette, the 'V/A Tolkien Inspired Music' compilation songs, and the original "Dagor Bragalloch" demo as well. 

This collection has been remastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering for maximum auditory experience. Layout and artwork for this collection by Dan Capp.

6 panel double digipak CD, sealed copies from Oout of Season. 500 copies pressed. High quality replicated discs.