Your search for "wolfsvuur" revealed the following:

HÄMYS "Ikuisuuteen" MC


Finnish black metal.

ANGELUS DIABOLI "Iussu Sathanas Serviam" MC


Strong, aggressive and haunting black metal from the Netherlands.

ENTSETZLICH "Eternal Funeral Cries" MC


Eight tracks of weird and eerie Australian black metal with ambient and noise influences. Limited to 100 copies.

ENTSETZLICH / KRYPTUS "In Blood & Innards Exit Their Tombs" MC


Raw and extreme underground black metal from Australia, limited to 66 copies only.

GOATSIGNAL "Marriage of Eve and the Serpent" MC


Crude Finnish possessed black metal, limited to 160 copies.

GRAFVOLLUTH "Black Metal Against Time" MC


Seven tracks of pure war / pagan influenced black metal.

GRAFVOLLUTH "Natural Selection Extermination" MC


Compilation of the early material of this heathen black metal horde hailing from the United States of America.

HERXSEBET "Aureus Arce, Squalore Carceris, Vocatus Et Psychotici Noctibus Frigus" MC


Chaotic and occult Mexican black metal. Limited to 50 copies.

KINGDOM OF AGONY "Visions of a Blackened World" MC


Raw underground black metal from Finland featuring Azaghal members.