New cassette releases + official Les productions Hérétiques distribution

STARTLIT WOODS "From Eternal Winter Trails" MC

Debut promo cassette of a new underground Polish black metal project featuring the almighty Wened from Necrostrigis, Venedae, Blood Stronghold, etc. An ode to the freezing winter night winds and the snowy haunted forest lightened by the moon. Crude, primitive and tight compositions following the path of their predecessors.

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A:S: "Messa Prima" MC

A collection of old recordings made by members of the Vinum Sabbati circle which were forgotten and buried. Unreleased until today, these haunting ritualistic profanations of atmospheric Italian black metal were conceived and performed at the beginning of the third millennium. They are now officially available for the first time.

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After a long hiatus Les productions Hérétiques are back and this time Tour de Garde teamed up with them to help distribute their underground gems. We are hoping to unleash many underground relics together in the future. The first release to be officially distributed by Tour de Garde is a new Sanctuaire demo cassette (more information below) and up next will be an anthology of Esker. Esker was one of the earliest Quebec black metal horde and were active in the mid/late nineties.... More details later. In the meanwhile, here is the presentation of the first Les productions Hérétiques cassette Tour de Garde is officially distributing:

SANCTUAIRE "Echo II: Les esprits sont étoiles aux cimes de la victoire" Pro-MC

Sanctuaire presents a new collection of instrumental music. Those soundscapes are predominantly ambient but also denote acoustic and noisier moments. A sonic journey through cold worlds, a transcending melancholy.

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The vestiges of the defunct Croquemort Productions are now distributed by Tour de Garde. Many titles from one of the most vile and cruel labels that ever existed in Québec can now be ordered from us. Croquemort Productions drastically ceased their operations somewhere in 2009 and its remains were buried in the darkest pit of Lévis, Québec since then. Tour de Garde is now unearthing these raw, crude and extremely harsh underground releases:

BLIGHT "[hELled]" MC
BURNING BLOOD "The Cave of Cain" MC
DEMONIC FOREST "Endless Silence Of Desolation" MC
ENECARE "Reh 09 I - Fetish" MC
EXECUTED "Sorrow and Death" MC
GRIM DESTROYER "Nostalgia of the Dead" MC
INFERNAL EXECRATOR "Antichrist Execration" MC
LUGUBRE/MISANTHROPY "United in Mankind's Annihilation" MC
OMEGA "The Beginning of the End" MC
RAGGRADARH "Towards the Eternal Night" MC
SACCAGE "La dérape tabarnak" MC
SERMON OF FOULNESS "The Jericho Drifter" MC
SKULLFACE "Halloween Sacrifice" MC
TURMOIL "Grandeur Lamentation" MC
VÖLKERMORD/BURNING BLOOD "Death Cult of the Totenkopf" MC

Distributors interested in carrying Croquemort Productions releases are encourage to get in touch. as wholesale and selected trades are possible. 

Some articles have been added our store (Eradication, Nyctophobia, Slaughtbbath, Emit, Svartidaudi, etc). The distribution is slowly coming back to the webstore as the inventory is being rebuilt. In the meantime you can browse more articles at Discogs, check the Tour de Garde Discogs store here:

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