Mésalliance "Ère Rance" Pro-MC and Chhinnamasta "Vajra-Sarpa" MC


Mésalliance is the recently born child of the New wave of French black metal. Following the path of its forefathers such as Peste Noire, Baise ma hache and Sale Freux, Mésalliance create a genuine mixture of traditional black metal, contemporary black metal and heavy metal. All of it with a depraved punk attitude mainly expressed through scavenger vocals. "Ère Rance" displays the current state of France's true, young, depraved and whiskey fuelled eyes. 

Stream: http://youtu.be/pR80TtMKC2g
Order: http://t-d-g.net/products/mesalliance-ere-rance-pro-mc


"What metaphysics understands by immortality and by eternity implies and demands of every man a total and uncompromising denial of himself and a final mortification, to be dead and buried in the Godhead." Ananda Coomaraswamy. Chhinnamasta, forged from the antediluvian rituals and flames from the chasms of Vedic Kaliksetra, is a congregation of beings of the nether realms. "Vajra-Sarpa", our opus, is presented in the purest devotion to the supramental 'otherness' of the Being manifested from the symbolic juxtaposition of the thunderous deva Indra, i.e., strength, will, life, immortality and the draconian asura Vritra, i.e., death, devouring and absolute consumption resulting in the demiurge of the thunder god pushing up the sky to let in the Ushas or the illumination of a primal root. This work is a tribute to that primeval root. "His overshadowing is both Aeviternity and Death!" Rig Veda, X.121.2

Order here: http://t-d-g.net/products/chhinnamasta-vajra-sarpa-mc

Tour de Garde unearthed the following jewel of the underground released back in 2010 on the now defunct Death Sorcerer Records but barely available to anyone back then...

ORLOK / WAMPYR DUNGEON "The Carpathian Plague" Pro-MC

Putrid, funeral black metal by Satanic Tyrant Werwolf of Satanic Warmaster meets obscure vampiric black metal that will bleed you dry. This cassette comes straight from the deepest underground crypt, it was originally released back in 2010 but never properly distributed, limited to 100 copies.

Order: http://t-d-g.net/products/orlok-wampyr-dungeon-the-carpathian-plague-pro-mc

Some articles have been added our store (Total Genocide, Revenge, Sale Freux, Mons Veneris, etc). The distribution is slowly coming back to the webstore as the inventory is being rebuilt. In the meantime you can browse more articles at Discogs, check the Tour de Garde Discogs store here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Tour-de-Garde/profile

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