Out soon: Blood Victory and Gohr Al Krohn demo reissue

Tour de Garde is proud to announce that two forgotten black metal gems from the mighty French black metal underground will be re-released under its banner very soon.

Read the following lines for all details.

Blood Victory's "Shadows of War" demo is the creation of the one and only sinister soul, Nahar. Resurrecting a medieval war-minded spirit, Nahar creates timeless hymns evoking the majestuous times when swords and arrows were out for blood. Originally released on the cult French black metal label Black and Dark Mansion (Winter Funeral, Seigneur Voland, Gorgon, Chemin de haine, etc) back in 1998 the demo is now seeing the light again carrying the torch through dark times.

Stream or download: http://bloodvictory.bandcamp.com/

GOHR AL KROHN "La cour de Lucifer" PRO-MC
In 1999, the Graal crown, the Otto Rhan unholy Luciferian emerald, took form into Gohr Al Krohn offering "La cour de Lucifer". MdV chose this year to unleash 6 pieces of handcrafted clandestine deep black metal, made within the frame of the most integrist tradition. Influenced by the mid 90's European black metal gems and disregarding the opinion of the plebe, blood was shed and candles were lit to honour the intolerant voyage of the black flame. "La cour de Lucifer" is the beginning and the end of a youth journey re-released 16 years later by French-Canadian stronghold Tour de Garde.

Stream or download: http://gohralkrohn.bandcamp.com/

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