Out soon: Brånd debut demo cassette second edition

Tour de Garde will be officially distributing the debut demo of Brånd from Austria. Brånd is a new fierce and dangerous punk induced Black Metal from the most caliginous area of Austria. Brånd perform raw and crude thunderous music with gloomy vocals. The demo cassette should be released in a few days, stay tuned to grab a copy of this frantic creation. In the mean time you can stream or download it at http://braand.bandcamp.com/

In other news, Tour de Garde is slowly rebuilding its massive imperial inventory. Several old and new items have been added to the mail order including releases from Ancient Records, Darker Than Black, Witches Hammer Records, Sadolust Records and more. Browse the Tour de Garde website to discover which darkened jewels are currently available. More titles are added every week.

The webstore is now featuring "pick a currency" option so you can navigate seeing the currency of your choice. The current exchange rate is about €0.70 EUR / $0.75 USD = $1.00 CAD. It's a good time to order from up North.

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