Out soon: Funeste "Demo MMXV" and Catafalco "That Which is in the Afterworld" debut demos

Tour de Garde is proud to announce that two new underground gems from Canada and Chile will soon be released under its banner. 

Read the following lines for all details.


The songs are soundtracks to brazen darkness in the shadows of Montreal’s many buildings. Somewhere, in a dark alley in Montreal’s abandoned streets, the sound of uncertainty and impending violence swoons to the sounds of Funeste’s debut demo. Like a gossamer mask hiding civilization’s true nature, the ambient sections lead way to ugly, primitive savagery, in much the same way life tends to reveal itself in moments of unspeakable violence and insanity.

Stream or download: http://funeste.bandcamp.com/



CATAFALCO "That Which is in the Afterworld" PRO-MC
A hypnotic journey through different states of consciousness. Egyptian funeral cults, invocations and eternal life are about to transcend. Utterly mysterious and eerie occult ambient music from Chile.

Stream or download: http://catafalco.bandcamp.com/

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