Final announcements of 2016 A.B.

STARLIT WOODS "Zamarznięte Cienie Nocy" Pro-MC

Debut full length cassette of this true underground Polish black metal project featuring the almighty Wened from Necrostrigis, Venedae, Blood Stronghold, etc. A monument of ancient forgotten sorrow and viscerally possessed depression out of the most obscure Polish forest. Pure slavonic evil returns!



OLD TOWER "Spectral Horizons" MC

The Specter returns from the Lonesome Enclave with a full-length masterpiece of classic dungeon synth-scapes revealing an unworldly gleam on the horizons. Tour de Garde edition with exclusive layout.



NAGUAL "Self-Conqeror" MCD

Following the footsteps of its fellow countrymen Plaga and Mgła, Nagual offers an intense performance of contemporary Polish black metal. Complex drum work, atmospheric melodies and amazing recording by No Solace studios give this mini-album all the necessary strengths to become a classic.



Coming sooner or later under the Tour de Garde banner:

AMESTIGON "And the Dark were Unleashed​" Pro-MC
AMESTIGON "Remembering Ancient Origins" Pro-MC
BLACK WITCHERY "Desecration of the Holy Kingdom " Pro-MC
CURVED BLADE "Coiled Together" 7"EP
OLD TOWER "The Rise of the Specter" 12"LP
ORDO SANGUINIS NOCTIS "Blood Aeon of Fullmoon sacrifices" Pro-MC
PAGAN HELLFIRE "On the Path to Triumph" 12"LP
SAPAUDIA "Sainte nuit" Pro-MC


Les productions Hérétiques are back and once again Tour de Garde teamed up with them to help distribute their underground gems. The first releases of this new batch are Cantique Lépreux "Cendres Célestes" Pro-MC, Ulvesang "Ulvesang" Pro-MC and Frozen Shadows "Dans les bras des immortels" Pro-MC (more information below). Up next, the release of a reissue from the cult and rare Veneficium demo. Veneficium was one of the earliest Quebec black metal horde and were active in the mid/late nineties.... More details forthcoming. In the meanwhile, behold this batch of Les productions Hérétiques cassette Tour de Garde is officially distributing:

FROZEN SHADOWS "Dans les bras des immortels" Pro-MC

In the late nineties Québec was still awaiting its first true black metal album to be released. There was almost no one playing black metal yet over here back in those distant times, however there was Frozen Shadows. The follow up to their ferocious 1996 "Empire de glace" demo was their debut full length album: "Dans les bras des immortels". An opus that represents well its era with glorious melodies, atmospheric acoustic passages, epic synths, insanely fast drumming and furious vocals. Sang both in French and English, this album has a unique atmosphere and treads the path for all Québec black metal hordes that followed. Les productions Hérétiques finally reissued this highly important and timeless North American black metal classic. A totally mandatory masterpiece that deserves to be in any respectable black metal collection. 


ULVESANG "Ulvesang" Pro-MC

Born in the ocean flanked forests of Nova Scotia on Canada’s East Coast, Ulvesang came into existence as the collective effort of three individuals who shared a love of atmospheric and melancholic music. Recognizing an unfortunate lack of adventurous local dark folk music, and raised on a diet of classic Neofolk, Black Metal atmospherics and bizarre occultism, the Ulvesang collective set about crafting their first suite of songs as a public offering. Recommended for fans of Ulver and Empyrium.


CANTIQUE LÉPREUX "Cendre céleste" Pro-MC

Created in 2014, Cantique Lépreux feeds on black metal from all eras, reveling in its essence. Inspired by the wilderness of Québec, the occult, death, and fear, Cantique Lépreux creates music that is at times grim, at other times melancholic; a work born of passion, paying homage to the legends of black metal.


Some articles have been added to our store (Depressive Silence, Khøleräa, Korgonthurus, Viduus, Volahn, etc). The distribution is slowly coming back to the webstore as the inventory is being rebuilt. In the meantime you can browse more articles at Discogs, check the Tour de Garde Discogs store here:

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