LES PRODUCTIONS HÉRÉTIQUES new releases: Eos / Malebranche split MC, Anges de la mort debut demo and more in stock now!

ANGES DE LA MORT "Ange de la mort" Pro-MC

Anges de la Mort is a new black metal duo hailing from Montréal. This first offering is influenced by Scandinavian classics with hints of melodic death akin to Dissection. In spite of that Anges de la mort brings its own kind of raging black metal, all sang in french. Their hymns will take you into cold landscapes, where only death is real. Pro-tape with 3 panels including lyrics. Mastering by Joel Grind. Strictly limited to 150 copies.

Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=768KWe38dh4


EOS (Quebec) has finally returned with new songs, 5 years after their first demo "L'Avalé". Even though it felt like a hiatus, the band was active and this new opus proves that they are still masters of their craft! Dynamic black metal, violent at times, dissonant at others, yet skillfully mastered and always emotional. The other side of that cassette brings Montreal's quartet Malebranche. This band plays atmospheric, mid-tempo black metal with a modern vibe. Hypnotic and tormented riffs, profound and melancholic. This collaboration is another proof of the quality and variety of Québec's black metal scene. Not to be missed. Pro-cassette strictly limited to 150 copies.

Samples are  up on the band's Bandcamp pages: 

https://eosquebec.bandcamp.com/ & https://malebranche.bandcamp.com/

HODD - "We are the Ghosts" Pro-MC

Les Productions Hérétiques is proud to present HODD's first album. This mysterious band from Montérégie (Québec) presents a ravaging black metal with folk elements, a few keyboard passages and guitar solos. Recorded in 2010, "We are the ghosts" has its roots in traditionalism, blending a Poland scene influence and it's own composition style. An hour of pagan black metal, sang in both english and french. Pro-tape limited to 150 copies. Fear the ghosts...

Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IX53qfD2w4

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