New Tour de Garde releases: Ifernach CD, In Articulo Mortis / Blessed in Sin split MC and more.


LP version of the extraordinary debut demo by the Danish atmospheric ethereal project Ærekær. After their apparition on the "Korpsånd" compilation released in 2018 under the Tour de Garde banner, Ærekær presented a lengthy demo recording of over 35 minutes. "MMXVII" brings your soul to an enigmatic dreamland where the gloomy fog is pierced by twinkling lights. This was the first official Ærekær release, an immersive beginning created by young, nordic free souls that pays homage to the history of their homeland. Now available on black LP and limited to 300 copies.


INVUNCHE / IFERNACH "Split" 12"LP (restock)

A gathering of ancient forces still haunting current days pitifulness, the North and the South unites in aboriginal maliciousness! The Southern side is represented by Invunche, a Dutch-Chilean horde creating a unique blend of primitive punk, black metal and psychedelic rock. Founded at the end of the 13th baktun, Invunche‘s music is energetic, vengeful and crushing. The Northern side is represented by Ifernach who offers a devastating, crude and ruthless blackened punk madness crafted in the wood of Gespegewagi with hate. The blades are raised high and screams of war clashes against modernity soullessness! 


IFERNACH "Four Fatal Amulets" Digipak CD

From the druid forest of Gespegewagi with fury... The magic quest continues with war drum machinery and epic tremolo guitar riffs to gather the four fatal amulets.



In the depths of the illustrious nineties black metal of the South of France arise two unpublished recordings of the utmost atrocious hate. Reflecting the spirit of the era, this split cassette features 90 minutes of true French black metal underground sound from two iconic hordes of the past. "Ancient Ceremonies" is a cryptic journey back to a forgotten age where tape trading and mysteries was still what truly represented the underground, the real one. So close your intelligent phone, disconnect internet and dive in how things use to be. Forever faithful to the ideal, finis gloria dei!


TORNMÓD "Flame of Hostility" MC

Tornmód strikes back with its fourth demo, a monument of crude and abrasive misanthropic black metal from England. Raw melodious hymns to be listened in solitary while walking in the deserted streets of a despised city late at night. Now is the time to raise your fist and howl hatred in the empty streets of the soulless modernity!


Coming sooner or later under the Tour de Garde banner:

APPARITION OF SUNLIGHT "Wilt of Roses Crimson" Pro-MC
BLOOD VICTORY "Shadows of War" 12"LP
BRÅND​ "Urkraft" 12"LP​
BRÅND / CALVARY​ "Split" 12"LP​ (in collaboration with Fallow Field and Födweg)
DEPARTURE CHANDELIER "Antichrist Rise to Power" Pro-MC
FROZEN FLESH ORDER "Extra Terrestrial Terrorism" Digipak CD
IFERNACH "Skin Stone Blood Bone" 12"LP
IFERNACH "The Green Enchanted Forest of the Druid Wizard" 12"LP
KRIGSTJØRN "Liv, Død og Mellemvejen" MC (in collaboration with Nattetale)
LUNAR WOMB "The Sleeping Green" CD
PÂLEMORT "Tour du Nord" 12"LP
...and more!

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