New Tour de Garde releases: Invunche / Ifernach "Split" MC, Herrgottsblick new demo and more!


Austria's post punk / black metal sentinels of Brånd team up with United States enigmatic lo-fi ethereal black metal outfit Calvary for a split 12". This recording is the soundtrack for long and lonesome walks in utmost recluse trails of your surrounding wastelands or your own mind. Released as a cooperation of Fallow Field, Tour de Garde and Födweg. Minimalist layout with DIY Obi-strip. Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl.o



Forged in the infernal heart of Mount Doom and enchanted by the spectral spheres that roam Mirkwood, two dark powers of Middle-Earth join forces to wage war upon the Light. Dark and atmospheric black metal. Available on traditional black vinyl or red splatter. Limited to 300 hand numbered copies. 



A gathering of ancient forces still haunting current days pitifulness, the North and the South unites in aboriginal maliciousness! The Southern side is represented by Invunche, a Dutch-Chilean horde creating a unique blend of primitive punk, black metal and psychedelic rock. Founded at the end of the 13th baktun, Invunche‘s music is energetic, vengeful and crushing. The Northern side is represented by Ifernach who offers a devastating, crude and ruthless blackened punk madness crafted in the wood of Gespegewagi with hate. The blades are raised high and screams of war clashes against modernity soullessness!



With a heavy yet fiery heart the first foot is set on this twining path. A path leading further than ever before. A journey of unknown destination. Guided over moonlit mountain ranges, mystic shores and meadows. By a call first silent as a river bedded in moss and brushwood, but growing clearer and more unmistakable in its will as the way leads into a forest of tangling megaflora. Under trees and ferns of megalithic proportions, textures slowly begin to dance in barely noticeable motion seemingly inspired by the final gleam of light that reaches this heart of the woods. A god awakens.




After travelling up to the end of the cavern with Fause Knicht debut demo it's time to head outside and reach the fantasy wood once again. Near the exit we can see the blinking lights that announce this new fantastic opus. Fause Knicht second demo offers 30 minutes of distant, bleak and mysterious synth music. It's time to lick the salted stone of antiquity...


Coming sooner or later under the Tour de Garde banner:

APPARITION OF SUNLIGHT "Wilt of Roses Crimson" Pro-MC
BLOOD VICTORY "Shadows of War" 12"LP BRÅND​ "Urkraft" 12"LP​ 
DEPARTURE CHANDELIER "Antichrist Rise to Power" Pro-MC
EPHEMER "Gloire immortelle" CD
FROZEN FLESH ORDER "Extra Terrestrial Terrorism" Digipak CD 
IFERNACH "Skin Stone Blood Bone" 12"LP
IFERNACH "The Green Enchanted Forest of the Druid Wizard" 12"LP
KRIGSTJØRN "Liv, Død og Mellemvejen" MC (in collaboration with Nattetale)
LUNAR WOMB "The Sleeping Green" CD
PÂLEMORT "Tour du Nord" 12"LP
SEIÐR "Ofringen" MC
...and more!

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