New Tour de Garde releases: Woods of Infinity, Funeral Altar and more.


Reissue on red pro-cassette of the cult debut demo by Sweden's most enigmatic outfit, Woods of Infinity. Originally self-released by the band back in 1999, this demo already shows the complexity and twisted aura of what would become Woods of Infinity. A raw, refreshing (and still refreshing as of today) recording that is finally unveiled from the dust of the pure underground plague... Strictly limited to 200 copies.


VERGLAS "Au-delà de l'irréel" Pro-MC

The return of Québec's bastard child, Verglas. "Au-delà de l'irréel" is the most defying and mature Verglas recording to date. A chilling, primal and energetic creation with vast influences from Forgotten Woods to Blitz. Verglas prove they found a strong identity with this partially distorted, yet very powerful, recording. A must to discover and a mandatory cassette for those who are already followers of the band.


ORDO SANGUINIS NOCTIS "Bloody Aeon of Fullmoon Sacrifices" Pro-MC

True and utterly evil Polish black metal in the spirit of the originators of the genre. A short cassette EP release (totalizing about 15 minutes of music) that shows Ordo Sanguinis Noctis obscure spells and captivating hateful powers. A mandatory release for anyone into Norwegian classics and Polish cult releases.




A split of hateful and putrid black metal originally released on Perverse Homage and now reissued by Tour de Garde. Funeral Altar is a spur into filth and darkness fulfilling your ears with archaic sounding riffs and raw compositions. Ghaisiuan offers an ambiguous, earthy and cavernous black metal which seems to come straight from below the earth.



COFFINSHADE "In the Darkness I Shall Dwell" PRO-MC

Hopeless, eerie and depressive black metal created by tormented spirits from the U.S. (Lord Psychosis) and Poland (Cmentarna Dusza). Coffinshade's "In the Darkness I Shall Dwell" is an homage to all those who have ver contemplated taking their own lives, and to those who have. Raw and atmospheric, yet progressive underground black metal at its finest... An exceptional release to listen before or while dying.

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Up next under the Tour de Garde banner:

BLESSED IN SIN "Materia Prima (Eritis Sicut Dii - 2006)" Pro-MC
BLOOD ISCARIOT "Existence in the Age of Decay" MC
GOLDEN DAWN "Lullaby / Way of the Sorcerer" CD
PAGAN HELLFIRE "Distant Winds Return" Pro-MC
SPECTRE "Live at Cinema de Paris" MC
STARLIT WOODS / WINTER BLACKNESS "The Darkening Moon's Nightmares" Pro-MC

Coming sooner or later under the Tour de Garde banner:

BLACK WITCHERY "Desecration of the Holy Kingdom " Pro-MC
HAUNTING DEPTHS "Death's Sacred Fire" CD
KRUËL KÖMMANDO "Synagoga Satanae" Pro-MC
OLD TOWER "Spectral Horizons" 12"LP
...and more!

Some articles have been added to our store (Byyrth, Rivière du Nord, Tiil Sum, Trepanation, etc). The distribution is slowly coming back to the webstore as the inventory is being rebuilt. In the meantime you can browse more articles at Discogs, check the Tour de Garde Discogs store here:

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