Tour de Garde new releases: Brånd / Häxenzijrkell split 7"EP, Brånd "Urfaust" MC and more.

BRÅND / HÄXENZIJRKELL "Seis Wies Sei / Der Totenrijtt" 7"EP

Austria's Brånd is offering a unique and enthralling piece of underground art combining the furious edge of their Ildjarn inspired blackened punk with trance-inducing mysterious ambient segments. "Seis Wies Sei" has the capability of making you forget you're a living creature for a brief but fascinating moment. Germany's Häxenzijrkell pursue their path to the bottomless pit of darkness. A raw, haunted and sinister journey into the catacombs of dark black metal inferno. Possessed screams, hard hitting drums and eerie chants will be following your soul throughout the journey to the abyss of Häxenzijrkell transmission.


BRÅND "Urkraft" MC

Five thumping and gritty tracks dedicated to places of power and timelessness. Raw black metal in the vein of Ildjarn and alike, with decent post punk vibes. 



Distant troubling noises are coming out of Finland's nethermost  woods... AGTSA's outcry! Whispers, creaks, something crawls in pitch black darkness. Ayahuasca nightmare trips in underground tunnels, under abandoned factories. The stench of charred remains, burned deep into the sewer walls. Souls rotten and black, like flesh and bones buried in a swamp years ago. Ancient horrors leaping into apocalyptic modern times. Ghastly sounds, like unknown diseases, rising beneath the rocks in the black soil. Feral, primal, cosmic.



A lunatic outburst, fueled by urban disgust! Parasite Dreams raw vocal commands and distorted sounds tear down the borders between old metal and punk.



Coming sooner or later under the Tour de Garde banner:

ASMOROD "Dance in the Winter Fog" Pro-MC
BLACK WITCHERY "Desecration of the Holy Kingdom" Pro-MC
DEPARTURE CHANDELIER "Antichrist Rise to Power" Pro-MC
DROWNING THE LIGHT "The Patron Saint of Filth and Mold" MC ​
FORGOTTEN KINGDOMS "A Kingdom in Ruin" 12"LP
STORMKEEP "Galdrum" 12"LP / CD / Pro-MC
TENEBRAE 'Serenades of the Damned" 12"LP 

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