CARVED CROSS / MALPHAS "Split" 7"EP (no extra shipping)

CARVED CROSS / MALPHAS "Split" 7"EP (no extra shipping)

Tour de Garde


Australia’s most inaccessible raw black metal trio teams up with Toronto's own Oi! induced black metal warriors on this split release of vile hatred.

Carved Cross present a lengthy song of harsh and minimalistic, but memorable, utterly raw black metal from down under. With this song, they’ve created an unbearable, heavy and pounding atmosphere of fierce disgust.

Malphas drop two songs of stomping black metal strength. After a short synth intro, you'll dive into the abrasive and freezing guitar sound that clashes with hateful vocals and warmarch-like drum patterns.
This split 7"EP comes on black vinyl and is limited to 300 copies.