FUNERAL HARVEST "Funeral Harvest" Pro-MC

FUNERAL HARVEST "Funeral Harvest" Pro-MC

Signal Rex


A pan-international quartet featuring members from Norway and Italy, Funeral HarvestT formed in 2016 and unleashed their first public recording the very next year. Tellingly titled "Bunker Ritual Rehearsal", this first strike was auspicious to say the very least, and quickly built a name for Funeral Harvest in the underground. Their raw and robust black metal sound was rooted in the ancient ways but never regressive - in fact, its ghoulish hostility was perversely refreshing. An epic digital single followed in 2019, but now aligned with Signal Rex for the release of their first EP and subsequent debut album, Funeral Harvest are hitting a fever pitch of intensity and creativity.

Simply put, the Funeral Harvest cassette is a grim and graven culmination of all that's come before and all that lies ahead. Funeral Harvest's attack here is undeniably physical, but vacillates between hypnotic possession and demonic headbanging, in turn drawing the listener into a delirium both nightmarish and bacchanalian. Indeed do the four-piece spring from the bitter sea, as the ancient snake that lives in the abyss, always hungry - and Funeral Harvest are hungry for darkness! A swift 'n' satisfying four tracks in 20 minutes, Funeral Harvest encompasses its own vision, its own experience, whole and unholy. It does "arise from the ashes," as it were, of Bunker Ritual Rehearsal, but with a clear distinction, as vocalist/guitarist Nathas explains: "The rehearsal was a ritual for us, and we wanted to capture that feeling, just to spread our Verbum Mors."

Turning attention toward the self-titled EP, Nathas explains the themes more deeply: "The EP opens with 'Nihil Sub Sole Novum,' a Latin phrase of Memento Mori - 'There is nothing new under the sun.' The song, in Latin, honors death as the great mystery of human life - Alpha and Omega, Life and Death, Death and Life. Following the first song, our Mater Nigra, there is 'Sacred Dagger.' It refers mainly to Satanism, sacrifice, blood, and devotion. 'Sacred Dagger' is pure devotion to our inner soul, as the fire that burns in each of us. 'O.S.T.N.D.S.' is the latest song we've had released on Bandcamp before this EP. I am really proud of this song because we're using simple riffs in the style of 1995 black metal, and it's pure as fire! In this song, we also have introduced our new drummer Ond and sound artist Northr, giving the band the right attitude and professional spirit. In the end, as everything lives in this world, there is Omega. The song 'Omega' refers to another Latin phrase of Memento Mori / Danse Macabre, mainly focused on the Black Plague. 'The bells no longer rang and nobody was crying. The only thing that could be done was to wait for death. Some who, by now mad, staring into space, some, gnawing the rosary, others abandoning themselves to the worst vices. Many said, 'It is the end of the world!' Hail Death – Hail Vanitas."