MALVERY "Promo '98" 12"LP

MALVERY "Promo '98" 12"LP

D'Automne Records


A piece of Quebec Black Metal history...

In november 1993, Malvery was lead by the founder member Alex Turbide. Since the formation of the band, before accessing the actual concept, Malvery had to progress from different music style: from agressive speed metal to dark death metal. They had to do a lot of line up changes through the last years.

In 1994, the arrival of the singer-lyric composer Mario Milette, completed the actual formation. In the past three years, Malvery acquired a lot of experiences and maturity as much on the scene as on the musical concept; which gives them the necessary tools to be part of the international scene and from this fact, becoming professional artists.

The infamous "Promo '98" is one of the very few recordings made by this obscure and cult underground suicidal Black Metal horde.

After the release of their first (and last) official album, Amer LeChatier committed suicide and Malvery disappeared from the scene...

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