WAGNER ÖDEGÅRD "Om Domedag och de Femton Järtekn" CD

WAGNER ÖDEGÅRD "Om Domedag och de Femton Järtekn" CD

Klaxon Records


CD version with 16 page silver metallic layout.

Ödegård takes a break from experimental folk / ambient to unleash a raw blast of Swedish heathen black metal.

Still brimming with the inspiration of Germanic Heathenism, Wagner Ödegård seems to be unable to quench the bottomless wellspring from which he drinks. Unlike other releases under the Wagner Ödegård moniker, however, this is a proper black metal album with fitting instrumentation, songs, and lyrics. It plays much like a Wulkanaz release, albeit a bit looser, a bit more free flowing and with some of the markings of other genres flowing into the black metal framework which defines the typical Wulkanaz sound. To these ears you have all the same influences present: Burzum (especially Belus), (the early Scandinavian mysticism of) Arckanum, (the ramshackle quality of) Furze, (the odd folk stylings of) Lugubrum, and a vigorous and intense energy that can only be prescribed to Wagner Ödegård.