WIGRID / SUNSHINE AND LOLLIPOPS "Split the Indifference (Geteilte Gleichgültigkeit)" CD

WIGRID / SUNSHINE AND LOLLIPOPS "Split the Indifference (Geteilte Gleichgültigkeit)" CD

Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions


"Split the Indifference (Geteilte Gleichgültigkeit)" is a split album by the bands Wigrid and Sunshine & Lollipops, each contributing two new and unreleased tracks. For Wigrid this marks the first musical activity since 2005!

After the release of said sophomore album "Die Asche eines Lebens" things got rather quiet around Wigrid, even though Ulfhednir, sole driving force behind the one-man-band, came up with new material for a planned EP and also recorded it. However, any ties to the former label had been cut in the meantime and Ulfhednir was withdrawing more and more from the deteriorating black metal scene. Consequentially, the recording never saw the light of day - until the hitherto virtually unknown band Sunshine & Lollipops eventually instigated a split album, which has now finally been released through Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions. Wigrid's album share accounts for two new tracks, one of which consists of a kind of ambient-like sound collage, while the other with a running time of more than 10 minutes is a refined continuation of the suicidal/depressive Black Metal style known from earlier works.

Sunshine & Lollipops is a fairly recent Berlin-based band that represents a more old-school interpretation of Black Metal and whose musical roots could be situated somewhere between Venom and the early Norwegians, while a certain raw punk attitude also suggests some parallels to the likes of Impaled Nazarene or Carnivore. Regarding the lyrical concept, the name is rather misleading, though: Sunshine & Lollipops is concerned mainly with Schopenhauerian nihilism and revolt as interpreted by Albert Camus; although - or perhaps for that reason precisely – without taking themselves all-too seriously. Hence the attempted stylistic self-characterization as Absurdist Anarcho-Blackmetal. In addition to the exclusive new tracks this album contains two remastered songs from Sunshine & Lollipops's 2012 debut 7“ EP "Heartful of Sunshine" as a bonus.