Ghosts of Oceania third demo is out now.

The third demo of Ghosts of Oceania's midnight music is entitled "Wanda Beach" and it inspired by the unsolved Wanda Beach Murders in the summer of 1965 and the 2 girls ghosts who still haunt the sand hills there. There is something timelessly eerie, haunting, sinister and sad about this particular case. The 1960's was a much more innocent time in Australia. A time when people would leave their doors unlocked, let their children go to the beach alone etc.  This all ended on the 11th of January 1965.  When Christine Sharrock and Marianne Schmidt (both aged 15), took the...

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New website

It's the beginning of a new era under the Sumerian sun. As you can see the Tour de Garde website has been totally revamped. The distribution will be coming back slowly but surely as the inventory will be totally rebuilt during the process. In the meantime it will be temporary handled via Discogs, you can check the Tour de Garde Discogs store here:

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