Out soon: Brånd debut demo cassette second edition

Tour de Garde will be officially distributing the debut demo of Brånd from Austria. Brånd is a new fierce and dangerous punk induced Black Metal from the most caliginous area of Austria. Brånd perform raw and crude thunderous music with gloomy vocals. The demo cassette should be released in a few days, stay tuned to grab a copy of this frantic creation. In the mean time you can stream or download it at In other news, Tour de Garde is slowly rebuilding its massive imperial inventory. Several old and new items have been added to the mail order including releases from...

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Out soon: Blood Victory and Gohr Al Krohn demo reissue

Tour de Garde is proud to announce that two forgotten black metal gems from the mighty French black metal underground will be re-released under its banner very soon. Read the following lines for all details.BLOOD VICTORY "Shadows of War" PRO-MCBlood Victory's "Shadows of War" demo is the creation of the one and only sinister soul, Nahar. Resurrecting a medieval war-minded spirit, Nahar creates timeless hymns evoking the majestuous times when swords and arrows were out for blood. Originally released on the cult French black metal label Black and Dark Mansion (Winter Funeral, Seigneur Voland, Gorgon, Chemin de haine, etc) back...

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Sanctuaire "Helserkr" digipack CD is now available.

Sanctuaire "Helserkr" is a deluxe digipack CD with a 12 page booklet with silver ink printing. Revamped and remastered version of the two first demos by Sanctuaire (ex-Monarque). "Helserkr" combines the demo of the same name and the "Echo 1" ambient demo. The first half of the CD is a raw yet epic and atmospheric recording praising nature as well as ancient northern mysticism and barbarism. Melodic and austere, it's a call to arms, the echo of a time when glory and tradition prevailed. The second half of the CD is like an ancestral voice, it is the wandering of an...

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